Bryan, Jefe and Keith at Radical, Don Hill, George Petros, Paul Rachman, Jesse Malin, Curse Mackey, HD Manitoba, Jason Consoli, Nikki Kane, Mike Schnapp, Queen V, Brucifer Edwards, Robert Lund, Nitebob, Joe The Light Guy, Nicki Camp, Ronnie G, Bobby, Tommy, Seth and the whole Don Hill's crew; Anthony Esposito, Mike Ruffino, Sean Pierce, Pete Asarisi, Karen Curious and Firegods; Gina Volpe and Bantam; Jea, Eva, Rachel & Sarah of The Drive; E13, Bry'n, Marty E & Del Cheetah of the motherfuckin' Sex Slaves; Abby Gennet, Jenny Gunns, Pat Harrington, and Charles Ruggiero of Slunt; Margaux, Carrie and Dirty Mary; Pam The Metal Queen, Allegra, and Amanda of Grounded; Morgan, Louie and Supervillain; Darren G and The Nolan Gate; Luke Luv and Zane Fixx of the late great Starr; Courtney, Armand and Pretty Suicide; John Law, Prince Hal, Texas and Marni w/ BFZ; Rob Carlyle, Georgie Seville; Jenna, Spyder, John and Detox Darlings; Tor, Scarlet, Dave and Roger of Joker Five Speed; Jimmy, Cupcake, Fern of Sküm; Liz, Aria, Laura and Chris of Apocalypstik; Elle, Gin and Go To Town; Eric J Toast, John Andrews, Frank Ferrer of Pisser, and their dumb-ass manager; Danny, James and The Slags; Neil, Frank, Andy and THIS; The Toilet Boys, White Light Motorcade, Jon Sidel, Leigh Lust, John Holmstrom, Peter Bernard, Lucky Lawler of NY Waste, Ancel Starr, Joey Repice, the Blush and Radick families.